The company P.P.U.H. PARTNER is producing hand-made candles since 1997. The first class materials interlinked with years of experience result in high quality products, which variety can satisfy the most demanding clients.

All our candles are hand made. The careful process of production allows to achieve the unique effect, which is impossible to attain during mass production. The difference between our candles and the ones made by machines is immediately noticeable.

Obviously our catalogue does not present the whole scope of our products, therefore if you are really interested to see all our candles please make an appointment by e-mail and visit us. Krotoszyn, the town in which the company is situated, lies between two large Polish cities, Wrocław and Poznań. The distance between the German border and Krotoszyn is about 260 km.

(+48) 511-892-902; (+48) 503-422-226 (if you speak ENGLISH)
(+48) 503-033-440 (if you speak POLISH)

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